PigEase Pig Infused Mechanical Lubricant

PigEase - We make it easy to Put a Pig on Your Projectile!

PigEase Mechanical Lubricant is a  high quality Molybdenum Disulfide dry powder lubricant infused with Non-Halal Pig Pancreas Extract.

Molybdenum Disulfide is the dry powder of choice for lubricating mechanical parts. Far better than Graphite,  Molybdenum Disulfide provides a slick surface without the oxidizing damage caused by Graphite

FACT: The US Air Force stopped using powdered graphite and switched to  Molybdenum Disulfide on all aluminium aircraft parts due to corrosion from graphite.

The 100% Natural Pig Pancreas Enzyme is not there just to instill fear in the enemy. Pig Pancreas enzymes are used in industry to destroy organic matter. When added to PigEase, the pig pancreas enzyme works to break down organic matter such as skin, hair, and even dust - to make your weapon clean and mean.

FACT: Pig Pancreas Enzymes are used in the tanning industry to break down fur on animal hides.

PigEase is safe on all weapons including handguns, and rifles. PigEase reduces friction, lowers cycle times in automatic and semi-automatic weapons, and improves grouping by providing a low friction environment for projectiles. And yes, PigEase is safe for plastic parts on your AR-15 or Glock.

Order PigEase today and "Put a Pig on Your Projectile"

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